Ointment for papillomas: types, action, effectiveness

Papilloma ointment is often used to fight skin tumors. The effectiveness of this agent depends on the composition, nature of action, the degree of infection. Papillomas on the body and mucous membranes occur when the papilloma virus enters the body.

Therefore, the use of ointments, creams, gels usually has only a local effect. The virus does not disappear from the blood. The use of ointments and at the same time antiviral drugs, strengthening the immune defense will help avoid recurrence.

Ways to remove papillomas

Papillomas are benign neoplasms of the skin. In very rare cases, a papilloma can degenerate into a malignant tumor. If the papilloma does not cause discomfort (physical or emotional), then you cannot remove it.

methods of removing papillomas on the skin

But if the tumor causes pain, for example, when rubbed against clothing, then it must be treated without any problems. It is best to consult an experienced doctor about the possibility and choice of method for the treatment of papilloma. Often experts recommend papilloma removal by one of the following methods:

  • Surgical (excision under local anesthesia).
  • Liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction).
  • Acid.
  • Laser.
  • Electric shock (electrocoagulation).

Many people use folk remedies to fight papillomas. Before using traditional methods, you should consult a doctor. Some products cannot be used, for example, on the face, others can cause individual side effects.

The use of ointments to remove papillomas, unlike current surgical, laser removal, refers to milder methods of dealing with neoplasms.

Types of fats

All ointments used to fight papillomas can be divided into 2 types:

Ready-made fats are sold in pharmacies or specialty stores, there are 3 types:

  • Fats based on active acids.Known antiseptics have anti-inflammatory properties. It is not recommended to use such ointments to treat facial papillomas. In addition, the agents can cause individual side effects and are not recommended for children and people with renal insufficiency. The effect comes after a few weeks of use. These fats are not effective in all cases.
  • Plant-based fats.The active components of the fat penetrate deep to the root of the papilloma, and the powders have a detrimental effect on the papilloma itself. Since the products consist of medicinal herbs, an allergic reaction in people prone to allergies is not excluded. Herbal medicines, such as acid-based preparations, do not act on the cause of the disease, but help to eliminate its external manifestations.
  • Antivirus ointments.It is clear from the name that such ointments act on the cause of papilloma - a virus. Drugs disrupt the development and reproduction of viruses.

Fats can also be made at home. The most famous and most effective is vinegar ointment. Washed clean chicken egg is placed in a cup, topped with vinegar (essence). Close well. When the shell melts, remove the film that was under the shell, add the internal grease, mix well. Store the fat in the refrigerator, the shelf life is several years.

Garlic and vaseline fat, celandine and vaseline fats, vinegar and flour are also prepared at home. Homemade ointment can damage healthy skin and should be used very carefully.

Skin treatment after papilloma removal

The use of any skin care products, including ointments after papilloma removal, should be discussed with your doctor. The skin at the site of removal is thin, tender, the infection can easily enter the wound.

The doctor will advise on the means of wound healing, tell about the possibility of using cosmetics. It is not recommended to use any means until the wound has healed.

Once you get rid of papillomas, you need to carefully monitor your skin, follow your doctor’s recommendations, strengthen your immune system to prevent new papillomas from appearing.