Use of celandine for papillomas

how to use celandine for papillomas

Celandine against papillomas is actively used at home to remove warts and papillomas. The main reason for the appearance of such formations is the multiplication of the human papilloma virus (HPV). It can cause the growth of both benign and malignant tumors of the skin, oral mucosa and genitourinary organs. Human papillomavirus infection poses a special threat to women and men with genital warts - genital warts that look like cabbage blossoms or rooster combs.

Before removing papillomas with celandine, it is necessary to consult your doctor. The specialist will determine using available test methods, including PCR, HPV strains and the level of tumorigenicity. Based on that, drug therapy will be selected. But for safety and to eliminate the risk of tissue magnetization, professionals still recommend removing tumors caused by the papilloma virus infection.

Advantages and disadvantages of using celandine against papilloma

The plant belongs to the poppy family. The shrub has dark green leaves and yellow flowers. Celandine bears fruit several times during the active summer period. The plant is poisonous, so it is used with extreme caution and only after prior consultation with a doctor.

Chemistry of celandine

Celandine contains the following components:

  • vitamin A;
  • ascorbic acid; saponins;
  • essential oils;
  • phytoncides;
  • organic acids;
  • alkaloids with toxic properties.

The greatest alertness is caused by the presence of chelidonine and its derivatives in celandine. This alkaloid, when consumed in large doses, can cause seizures and paralysis. Most helidonine is found in the stem of the plant. In small doses, the alkaloid has an anesthetic effect.

Basic properties of celandine

properties of celandine in the treatment of papillomas

Topical application of celandine has a complex effect:

  • removes signs of inflammation;
  • reduces pain in the area of ​​papillomas and warts;
  • promotes tissue healing;
  • destroys viruses and fungi;
  • destroys the tissues of benign neoplasms.

Celandine is popularly called a wart because of its wart and papilloma removal properties. But it is necessary to apply the plant correctly - to treat only neoplasms with it and not to touch healthy surrounding tissues.

Important!Despite its widespread use, celandine for papillomas can only be used if there is no risk of malignant degeneration of the tumor. Good quality of papillomatous shoots can be confirmed by laboratory diagnostics and virus typing.

Celandine reviews from papillomas vary, including negative ones. To achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to use the plant during the flowering period. This happens in late spring and early summer. Pharmacy drugs for papillomas today have a low concentration. This makes it difficult to completely remove the tumor, but prevents the risk of burns and other harmful effects on health.

How celandine can be used for papillomas

For papillomatous growths you can use ready-made preparations and herbal juice. It is worth choosing the appropriate method of treatment after prior consultation with a specialist.

Using celandine juice

Freshly squeezed celandine juice obtained from flowering plants is most often used for papillomas. It is necessary to break off the stem and result in cutting of the neoplasm. Most of the juice is in the root area.

It is recommended to treat papillomatous growths of the skin with celandine juice 2-4 times a day. The duration of such treatment is usually no longer than a month. Papillomas gradually turn black, which indicates successful destruction. Beneath the scab that falls off on its own, healthy skin is created. For a while it will differ in shade from the adjacent fabrics.

If fresh celandine juice seems too concentrated, it can be diluted with glycerin in a ratio of 1: 1. Such a drug has a milder effect, prevents the occurrence of an inflammatory reaction. The mixture of glycerin and celandine juice resembles a semi-liquid cream in its consistency. It can be stored in the refrigerator and used for a long time.

You can also add alcohol or vodka to the celandine juice. For 50 ml of alcohol, it is necessary to take 100 ml of vegetable juice. Alcohol increases the shelf life of a home remedy for papillomas and has a mild drying effect on the tumor tissue. Alcohol solutions also disinfect the skin well, preventing the addition of secondary infection.

Important!If there are many papillomas and warts on the body, no more than 5-6 neoplasms can be treated at one time.

Sensitivity test is recommended before first use of celandine. To do this, apply a small amount on the inner surface of the joint and leave for 15 minutes. If at the end of that period no signs of an allergic reaction appear on the skin, celandine can be used to remove papillomatous formations.

Pharmaceutical preparations for papillomas

In the pharmacy today, you can buy ready-made products with celandine juice, alkalis and acids for removing papillomas at home. They help remove benign tumors without surgery. Physician reviews of papilloma medications are ambiguous. In most cases, experts recommend not experimenting with topical medications to reduce papillomatous growths, especially if the tumors are located on the face and exposed parts of the body.

Comprehensive approach to treatment

how to get rid of papillomas

Topical medications based on celandine and alkali to remove warts and papillomas are recommended to be combined with antiviral therapy. Only in this case can the duration of remission be achieved.

Antiviral drugs cannot completely destroy HPV, but they prevent further reproduction of pathogens and the appearance of new tumors. Medicines to treat human papillomavirus infection should be chosen by the attending physician. Special agents suppress the multiplication of HPV and prevent the recurrence of the disease.

With a large number of papillomas, the use of topical preparations of aggressive composition in the form of alkalis and celandine juice can be dangerous to health. The active course of human papilloma virus infection is an indication for the use of surgical methods of treatment:

  • cryodestruction;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser coagulation;
  • removal of papillomas by radio waves;
  • surgical excision of the papilloma with a scalpel.

In most cases, it is possible to get rid of benign papillomas using minimally invasive treatment methods. Classical surgery is used only for large neoplasms and increased oncogenic risk.

Laser coagulation, cryodestruction and other minimally invasive techniques do not leave marks on the skin and have a low risk of recurrence of HPV infection. After surgery performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, a dark scab forms on the skin that falls off on its own within a few weeks. During the recovery period, the tissue should not be injured or exposed to excessive sun exposure.

Two methods are often used to remove papillomas - laser coagulation and cryodestruction. If the neoplasms are small and there is no risk of malignancy, which requires additional diagnostics of the removed tissues, minimally invasive operations are most desirable for the effective fight against papillomas and warts.

Papilloma prevention

why papillomas are dangerous

It is recommended to start the prevention of papillomas from childhood, protecting the skin and mucous membranes of the child from accidental damage and injury. Special attention is paid to educational work. Since anogenital warts and genital warts are the most dangerous, it is necessary to prevent accidental intimate contact. When venereal infections occur, treatment begins immediately, because urogenital diseases abruptly increase the risk of mucosal damage, reduce local immunity, and create favorable conditions for papilloma virus activation.

HPV recurrence occurs predominantly in people with weakened immune systems. Reducing the body's natural defenses is a major predisposing factor for the development of human papillomavirus infection. Strong immunity prevents HPV from actively multiplying and causes tissue hyperplasia. To increase the body's defenses against the virus and the action of adverse external and internal factors, ready-made immunostimulatory drugs and natural methods, including water curing, can be used. Spa stay at sea has a positive effect on local immunity and the general state of the immune system. A moderate amount of ultraviolet light helps increase immunity and improve overall well-being.