Where are warts and how to get rid of them?


Almost every one of us at least once in his life faced with a warts – knotty growths that affect the hands, fingers and feet, underarms and some other parts of the body. Usually the cause of these benign tumors is human papilloma virus (HPV), which infects every other person on the planet.

What you need to know about HPV?

Under HPV are now seeing a whole group of viruses (over 100), which settles in the tissues and fluids of the body, from time to time, can manifest in the form of common, flat, genital warts (the warts). HPV is most commonly transmitted through contact with infected skin, through towels, shared clothing, as well as sexually. This virus is easy to catch in the bath, the sauna, the pool, the locker room of the fitness club and other public places with high humidity and questionable sanitary conditions. Once ingested, the virus survives forever and full recovery, alas, is not amenable.

And in the body of one carrier at a time can stay a few dozen strains of HPV. With strong immunity and the absence of chronic diseases, HPV may be in a state of slumber, does not prove itself. However, in the case of weakening the protective functions of the body, HPV can Express themselves in the format of the tumors, fever, General malaise.

Most troublesome cause of the so-called plantar warts that appear on the feet in the zone of maximum friction during walking. These warts are grayish represent a callus-like seal, which can be extremely painful while walking. Extremely unpleasant, genital warts, removal of which is very problematic due to the thin skin in the area of their localization.

For the treatment of HPV today using special antiviral drugs and immunotherapy, although, as we have noted, to get rid of the acquired virus permanently date is not possible.

Medical methods for wart removal

In modern dermatology for the removal of tumors in the form of warts used several successful techniques:

  • Cryosurgery. Burning benign tumors with liquid nitrogen. It only takes a few treatments to completely remove warts. The procedure is quite painful as the frozen nitrogen is in contact with the skin at a temperature of - 196 degree Celsius. From the disadvantages of the method we note the difficulty of controlling the level of freezing during burning, as well as the possibility of the appearance of a scar in place of the removed wart.
  • Burning laser. Performed layer-by-layer removal of the growth with the use of local anesthesia medical lasers. This method is the least traumatic, so cosmetic defects on the site of the wart, as a rule, does not arise.
  • Electrocoagulation. The methodology – the impact on the affected area of the skin with high frequency current. With deep roots burning warts after healing wounds may cause scars.
  • The surgical removal. Used infrequently, usually at a location deep root growth. After excision of the body of warts, the surgeon sutures, after the removal of which remains visible scar. An innovative option – the so-called radio-wave surgery, involves the removal of warts using high-frequency radio-frequency (3,8-4,0 MHz).

Burning at home

Remove a standard wart can be in the home. For these purposes, most often used cosmetic treatment of a mixture made on the basis of natural celandine or active alkali.

Before you remove the wart to protect the healthy skin near the affected area apply a thin layer of baby cream or vaseline. Now you can start to burn. To do this, apply a drop of the composition directly on top of the warts and wait until it is completely dry. A similar procedure you have to repeat 1-2 times a day for several days. In the process of this treatment the wart will peel away and then completely disappear, leaving small pigmentary stain, which will disappear after some time.

Using this method of wart removal and genital warts, you should be extremely careful. Concentrated alkali contained in such warehouses, are extremely aggressive, therefore in case of incorrect calculation of the volume of a single dose during a session of burning, the procedure can leave behind a deep chemical burn that will continue to get wet and for a long time to heal. The appearance of the scar or scar under such errors inevitable.

Home cryotherapy and medicated plasters

To try to get rid of the warty knots with the help of modern drugs, the basis of which a special coolant mixture. The temperature of the liquid is 50-55 degrees Celsius. In strict compliance with the instructions of the manufacturers to ensure freedom from growth on average for 10-14 days.

However, such drugs can not guarantee you a therapeutic effect. They usually show a good result only when dealing with small, single warts. Well-proven and special plasters or medicated pencils soaked in salicylic or lactic acid. This treatment can take up to one and a half to two months.

Guarantee no one will give

Despite the wide range of tools and methods designed for the removal of warts and papillomas caused by HPV, to ensure full recovery and no relapses in the future will not undertake any expert. Unfortunately, the probability of occurrence of such secondary growths are quite high. The thing in the deep location of virus structures in the skin, and the wrong choice of medical techniques.

In order to best protect yourself from relapse, you need to constantly support your immune system, take vitamins, try to avoid shaking hands with strangers, to monitor the integrity of the skin (wear gloves or protective gloves at work), avoid tight shoes and the formation of corns on the soles of the feet.


Deciding on removal of papillomas, be sure to consult with a surgeon or dermatologist. It is possible that you could confuse and take an ordinary nevus or capillary hemangioma for a flat wart. And the burning of a nevus can lead to tragic consequences, until the cancer problem.

Consultation with a specialist, renting the necessary tests, and then remove growths in the clinic will allow you to avoid risks and maintain your health.