How to get rid of papilloma at home quickly and effectively?

ways to remove papillomas at home

Papillomas and warts are benign neoplasms located on the skin or mucous membranes, small in size, round in shape.

The reason for the appearance of such formations is the infection with the papilloma virus (HPV), which occupies a leading position on the scale of the most common diseases on Earth. There are two main routes of HPV transmission:

  • Contact - household;
  • Sexually.

The danger of papillomatosis is the development of the malignancy process (transformation of a benign neoplasm into an oncological tumor).

Infection with oncogenic strains of HPV, as well as growth injury, can cause a malignant process. Usually wart growths grow slowly, but if the body's defenses weaken, a full-fledged immune response is not formed, the process of increasing the size and number of growths can be accelerated.

Medical centers and clinics offer radical methods of removing external signs of papillomatosis. However, conservative home treatment will be just as effective.

Important!Before starting self-treatment of papillomatosis, you should consult a dermatologist.

The doctor will conduct the necessary clinical studies, make the correct diagnosis, clarify the HPV strain of the pathogen and recommend the most effective medications to eliminate the skin defects.

Medical care should not be neglected, as improper self-selected treatment can cause malignancy.

Do not attempt to cut the papilloma. This can cause them to spread and degenerate into an oncological tumor. Also, do not try to remove growths on the lining of the larynx, eyes or genitals at home.

Home Remedies

You can get rid of papillomas quickly and efficiently at home with the help of special medications.


Many medical clinics offer removal of wart growths with cold liquid nitrogen. This is a painless and low-trauma way to deal with skin damage.

You can perform a similar procedure yourself at home. Modern pharmacology offers special preparations for home cryodestruction.

Freeze in steps:

  1. Cleanse the skin area with papillomatosis;
  2. Apply the product exactly with an applicator or cotton wool.

Within seven to ten days, the wart tissue will necrotize and die. The advantage of cryodestruction is the absence of scars.

Important!If the growths are localized in hard-to-reach places (in the armpits, under the chest, on the back or on the elbows), it may be inconvenient to perform the procedure yourself. In this case, it is worth attracting someone close to you.

Adhesive tapes

There are special adhesive tapes impregnated with a mixture that can reduce unwanted neoplasms. In this way it is possible to cure papillomas in 1 day. The strips are glued directly to the protrusions, left for three hours. After that, the tape should be moistened in warm water and carefully removed along with the accumulations.


To reduce accumulation, you must follow the instructions carefully. A special solution helps to quickly resolve even large growths. Removal of neoplasms with this powerful agent can cause painful sensations. It will take about a week for the skin to fully recover.


It is considered to be one of the most effective anti-tumor drugs. The advantage of the drug is its painlessness and ease of use: the gel is applied directly to the clumps and left until completely absorbed.

Folk recipes

Papillomas can be treated according to folk recipes. They were used by our grandmothers at a time when official medicine was not widespread. Their plus is security. You can use such recipes for mothers who are giving birth or breastfeeding.

Important!Traditional prescriptions for external use should be combined with systemic intake of antiviral drugs. This will help in deactivate the papilloma virus.

Home immunostimulants

Decreased immunity provokes the spread of papillomatosis. Therefore, the disease should be dealt with in a comprehensive way. A good recipe for strengthening the body's defenses: drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice every day on an empty stomach, you can alternate potato juice with tincture of echinacea, rosehip, nettle, lemon balm, plantain.

Local recipes

how to get rid of papillomas at home

You can remove papillomas with what you have on hand - iodine, aspirin and alcohol can be found in any medicine cabinet, and vinegar and flour - in the kitchen of any housewife.

  • Mix the broken tablets (2. 5 grams) in a ratio of 1: 1 with a solution of iodine, boric acid and alcohol. The mixture should be applied to the growth in the form of a coating.
  • You can easily cauterize the bath with ammonia or lubricate it with iodine.
  • Make a tortilla with flour and vinegar. Apply to growths. Change how it dries.


  • It is possible to remove skin defects with chicken egg proteins. Whipped cream is applied to the growth. Allow to dry. Then the next layer is applied. Repeat for five days. Then the papillomas will dry up and disappear.
  • You can treat tumors on the neck or armpits with castor oil made from castor seeds (poisonous medicinal plants). The defect is treated with oil, covered with adhesive plaster or bandage. The procedure is repeated twice a day. The course of treatment until complete removal of skin defects.
  • Green walnut and kerosene fat. Grind the nuts in a meat grinder, pour the kerosene at a rate of 2: 1. Let it cook for 21 days. Strain and squeeze the cake. The resulting fat should be stored in the refrigerator. Treat the growths twice a day until complete recovery.

In addition to improvised means, traditional medicine suggests the use of medicinal plants in the fight against papillomatosis. The main ingredient in folk recipes for warts is celandine. A freshly plucked plant is used, as well as a ready-made infusion from the pharmacy.

Important!Before the treatment, the affected area should be steamed in a hot bath, and the skin around the growth should be treated with a cream or covered with a band-aid. Otherwise, celandine can cause chemical burns.

  • Apply the juice from the stem of the plant or a pharmacy infusion. Repeat the treatment every other day until the skin damage completely disappears. This usually happens within fifteen days.
  • Tincture from a mixture of celandine leaves, twine and chaga helps. The steamed tincture is poured into molds and placed in the freezer. The herbal ice cube is then applied to the defect daily for three to four minutes. The course of therapy is until complete recovery.

There are other herbs that can help deal with papillomatosis:

  • Aloe or kalanchoe leaf (the plant must be older than three years) is cut lengthwise, the defect is covered and fixed with plaster or bandage. The sheet should be changed every three hours. The duration of therapy is ten days;
  • Mix essential oils of licorice, lemon, tea tree. Gently apply the oil mixture to the growths. Repeat daily for two weeks;
  • recipes for folk remedies for papilloma removal
  • Rub your nipple with banana peel up to five times a day. It will take about three weeks to achieve the effect;
  • Dandelion tincture. The inflorescences are firmly packed in a half-liter jar, filled with cologne. Let it cook for two weeks. Filter and process imperfections every three to four hours;
  • Robin and wormwood juice is mixed and applied to the affected areas five to ten times a day. The application should be repeated until the disease is completely eliminated;
  • Pour boiling water over the chestnuts and leave for 12 hours. The resulting infusion is added to the bath water. Repeat chestnut baths every two days for a month;
  • Chop the garlic with a blender, meat grinder or garlic press. Mix garlic mash with baby cream. Apply to clumps, leave for three hours. After that, the place is thoroughly washed under water. The duration of treatment is thirty days.

Any treatment should be started only after a visit to a dermatologist and an accurate diagnosis. Papilloma can be easily confused with other neoplasms, whose treatment will be completely different. Self-medication will not only not bring results, but also cause a malignant process.

Most patients confirm that conservative home treatment of papillomatosis can be just as effective as radical methods performed in medical clinics.