How is laser wart removal performed?

Laser wart removal is a surgical procedure during which the papilloma is completely removed with a laser beam. Indications for laser treatment of warts can be medical factors, such as the risk of developing cancer or influencing the aesthetics of a person's appearance, especially the removal of visible warts on exposed parts of the body. The reason for laser removal of the wart may be the discomfort it causes, as well as the risk of infection associated with frequent violations of the surface structure of the papilloma by clothing. If damaged nipples already exist, removal cannot be delayed. The appointment of laser burns of the nipples can be done at the personal request of the patient in the absence of contraindications.

Laser wart removal procedure on the face

Preparation for laser wart removal

Before laser wart removal, the doctor conducts an initial appointment with the patient to review and collect a medical history. If the picture of the condition of the nipple and the surrounding skin is not clear, he prescribes additional instrumental and laboratory tests, the passage of which is mandatory. Based on the obtained results, the actions of the doctor during the removal of the nipple with a laser are determined. These are the parameters of the intervention, such as the intensity and depth of penetration of the laser beam into the skin. Thus, laser papilloma removal will be effective and safe.

Laser wart removal in the clinic

First of all, the surgeon treats the surgical field with disinfectant, covering the nipple itself and the healthy tissues that surround it. Sterile wipes are applied to a larger area around.

Immediately before laser nipple removal, the patient is given anesthesia. As a rule, it looks like a cream with an hourly analgesic effect, injections are used less often. This action blocks pain and discomfort during nipple removal by any known procedure. The use of anesthesia is especially important if laser wart removal has to be done on the face, because many nerve endings are concentrated in its area.

Once the anesthetic begins to work, the surgeon adjusts the device to laser destroy the nipple according to the individual parameters selected for surgery. Adjusting the scale of the problem allows the laser to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency in removing skin lesions.

Next, the papilloma is removed from the skin layer by layer. When removing a wart with a laser, the specialist burns a few millimeters of the surface of the tumor and gently removes it from the skin. After that, he repeats his procedures in the same order as many times as necessary to completely remove the wart along with the root.

In the case of localization of a small wart that is not on the face or in a hard-to-reach place, laser removal takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Removing large warts requires more time as this requires more repetition of the laser treatment and removal layer by layer of tissue.

If there are a lot of warts, and they are all in approximately the same place, laser removal is performed for all of them at the same time. If the localization of the papilloma is extensive, gradual laser removal of the warts in several visits is possible.

After completing the removal of all layers of warts with a laser, the removed pathological tissues are sent by specialists for histological examination. At the time determined by the laboratory, the patient returns to the clinic to get the results. At the same time, he undergoes a preventive examination during which the doctor assesses the condition of the skin after laser removal of the warts and subsequent restoration at home.

Laser wart removal features on the face

The technique of removing papilloma tissue with a laser on the face is the most acceptable because it has a gentle effect on the skin. It is also important that only a laser can perform such precise work without affecting healthy tissues. Removing warts by other methods does not guarantee such a good result.

Laser removal of warts in the face, neck, shoulders and arms is performed similarly to laser removal of papillomas in other places. However, in this situation, the degree of responsibility of work should be understood. Thus, the effect of the laser beam should be as sensitive and precise as possible to ensure that there is not the slightest trace of laser wart removal.

Therefore, patients who need to remove warts in places open to the eyes of others should choose a clinic and specialists with special care. Laser wart removal is a highly qualified procedure, which means you should not contact an inexperienced doctor.

Laser wart removal in children

Warts are rare at an early age. Among the rare cases of the development of children's papillomas, the most common are plantar warts, which bring babies painful sensations and discomfort when walking. In some cases, papillomas in children disappear on their own, and laser removal of the wart may not be necessary. For this reason, the doctor prefers to observe and monitor the dynamics of the development of warts, delaying the removal indefinitely.

It happens that the child's nipples still do not disappear and then their laser removal becomes the best solution to the problem.

Laser removal of children's warts is the last resort only if other methods have not given the desired result. Before prescribing laser wart removal, experts recommend the use of folk remedies such as vinegar or raw potatoes. Despite the apparent innocence of such prescriptions, they should be used only under strict medical supervision. The best age to remove warts in children is adolescence. After 10-12 years, this procedure is the least dangerous for the child.

Laser wart removal in children is performed under the influence of anesthetics to relieve discomfort and stress. Sometimes laser removal of warts in young patients makes their behavior more difficult - children are afraid of the doctor and the medical office where they are. It is desirable that the nipple surgeon has experience in communicating with children and positive communication and psychological support skills.

What are the benefits of laser wart removal?

Laser skin exposure does not involve radiation exposure. For this reason, the patient is insured against mutations or oncological pathologies in himself and in future children.

Laser wart removal is an absolutely bloodless operation. During laser exposure, not only the layers of pathological papilloma tissue burn, but also the evaporation of water from the surrounding covering and the blood vessels located in it.

This feature reduces to zero the risk of harmful bacteria attaching to the postoperative wound created after laser wart removal. Laser surgery is completely sterile.

In this case, the healing time is significantly reduced, which is especially important when the laser is applied to the facial area. The patient's appearance normalizes within a week after laser exposure to the nipple area.

Prices of laser wart removal

Laser wart removal is performed by experts in many private clinics. The cost of this operation depends on several factors. This includes the level of the medical center, its fame, qualifications and the experience of the doctor. Accordingly, the more experience a doctor specializing in laser wart removal has, the higher the cost of his service. It is not worth saving on this, because the health of the skin depends on the quality of the procedure. This is especially true for patients who need laser removal of warts on the face or other exposed parts of the body. The price may be slightly affected by the absence of anesthesia if the patient decides to have surgery without it.

Contraindications for laser wart removal

Laser papilloma removal is impossible with the worsening of chronic diseases, herpes and other viruses. The same goes for the common cold - on the day a laser neoplasm is scheduled to be removed, the body needs to be full of energy. Laser wart removal is not performed at high temperatures, regardless of the cause.

Laser exposure is contraindicated for tanned skin, so a month or two before the procedure, stop going to the beach in the middle of the day without an umbrella and visit the solarium. This is especially true for burnt skin, deprived of natural protection. In such a situation, you should wait for it to heal and only then consider the possibility of getting rid of the wart with a laser or other means. For the above reasons, the best time for laser wart surgery is considered to be late fall, winter, and early spring.