What is the best means of removing warts

Warts are unaesthetic formations that have formed on the surface of the skin from dead layers of the epidermis. Their occurrence is due to the influence of HPV, which is activated by reduced immunity, in stressful situations and under the influence of other factors. To choose the most effective remedy for warts, it is necessary to study their varieties.

The neoplasms under consideration are divided into several types:

  • vulgar / ordinary;
  • flat / youthful;
  • plantar;
  • senile;
  • genital warts.

Warts that appear on the body after HPV infection can go away on their own because viral disease is often treated by recovering the body’s defenses. With the course of the disease in a chronic form, accompanied by the formation of ugly tubercles, various drugs are used to remove them.

In addition to nipple medications taken orally, the patient should regularly treat the growths with special ointments, creams, and solutions.

Of the homeopathic remedies in the treatment of warts are used tonics based on Schisandra chinensis, leuzee, echinacea, ginseng, aralia, eleutherococcus.

The best remedies for warts and papillomas

removal of warts on the finger with medication

Antiviral drugs for widespread use are often used to remove warts. They are prescribed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes against HPV and other diseases of a similar nature.

Gel treatment is not burdensome - it is carefully applied to neoplasms without smearing and rubbing. On average, such a fight against genital warts lasts 5 days. If the tuberculosis has not completely disappeared during this time, treatment is continued for up to 10 days.

A few days after starting treatment, the growths fall off on their own (there is no need to "help" the nipples). If there are several formations, it is not recommended to process them at the same time. In this case, treatment should be carried out at intervals of several weeks.

A safe medicine approved for self-use is a special freezing agent. The medicine instantly freezes the nipple and completely removes it in 10 days. But for children under 4 years of age, treatment of growths is not carried out.

Folk ways to remove warts

  1. Aloe vera extract is a natural preparation that is harmless in the treatment of warts and papillomas. They use it like this: after soaking cotton wool in herbal juice or pharmacy gel, it attaches to the neoplasm for several hours. The fleece changes periodically. The procedure is performed daily until the accumulation is completely removed.
  2. Tea tree essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and effective remedy for warts. With regular application on the protrusions, they disappear quite quickly, the main thing is not to forget to perform the manipulation on a daily basis.
  3. Easy to use and lemon essential oil. It is applied to tuberculosis in the amount of 1 drop once a day. The manipulation should be repeated until the nipple falls off completely.
  4. Castor oil is also considered a good remedy for warts. After applying to the growth, you need to rub it in and massage the treated area. The procedure is performed for several weeks in the morning and at night, thus achieving the complete disappearance of skin damage.
  5. Apple cider vinegar is recognized as a simple and affordable remedy for warts. It is applied to the nipple with a cotton swab after steaming the affected area in tolerably hot water. As soon as the bump is moistened with vinegar, you have to wait 10 minutes and then wash the body. You can also use another vinegar therapy option. The wart is simply washed and soaked in fruit vinegar without wiping or rinsing - the product should dry itself.

From time immemorial, warts have been removed by rubbing onion, potato and radish juice into the body. Today, the folk treatment is supplemented by the "banana procedure", the meaning of which is to apply an exotic treat to plantar skin growth.