What to buy from papillomas in the pharmacy? 8 best products

Pharmacy drugs to remove papillomas

Everyone cares about their appearance and health. Everything is used - from homemade creams, masks, vitamins, to regular visits to beauty salons. And the sudden appearance on the body of unpleasant growths - warts or papillomas plunges into shock. What is? Where? How dangerous is it? And finally, the main question, what to do with all this?

Anyone can face this problem. The human papilloma virus spreads to an increasing area every year. And no one is immune to the criminal actions of the insolent conqueror. So let's get to know the enemy better.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

The appearance of benign neoplasms on the skin or mucous membranes in the form of warts or papillomas is associated with the presence of HPV (human papilloma virus) in the body. It attacks the lower layer of skin (epithelium) and causes cell division.

Examination by a dermatologist if HPV is detected

The HPV group includes several strains of the virus:

  • The first group causes the formation of warts and papillomas on the skin;
  • The second group affects the genitals (genital warts appear there);
  • The most dangerous group of viruses has oncogenic properties and causes the degeneration of growths into a cancerous tumor.


Women are at risk of developing cancer with HPV. But men should not forget the danger either.

Popular spawning sites

Warts and papillomas are localized on the skin and mucous membranes of the body. You can find them:

On the skin:

  1. Face, neck, eyelids;
  2. In the armpit;
  3. In the area of the mammary glands or below them;
  4. In the groin.

On mucous membranes:

  1. Nose, mouth, vocal cords;
  2. Bubble;
  3. Organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  4. Genitals.

Choosing a method of treatment

A disease like papillomatosis should not be allowed to progress. Papillomas are easy to injure, and this can accelerate their growth.

Of course, it is best to visit a specialist. The dermatologist will be able to determine the exact cause of the disease and select the appropriate treatment for each case. In most cases, the specialist will offer a radical method of resolving papillomas:

  • Surgical;
  • Electrocoagulation method (removal by electric current);
  • Removal of growths using liquid nitrogen (freezing);
  • Laser therapy.

Any radical method of treatment is combined with antiviral drugs. They come in the form of suppositories, drops, tablets or capsules. Their action is associated with suppressing the virus and increasing immunity.

Recurrence of the disease is possible even if all the doctor's instructions are followed. In this case, the neoplasms will be smaller in size, so their total number will decrease. It usually takes 2-3 sessions of radical therapy to forget about this problem forever.

Ointment for removing papillomas at home

Papilloma removal at home

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find time to visit an expert. And papilloma is such a trifle that you can deal with at home. Whichever option you choose to get rid of papillomas, the main rule is one. Such treatment should be comprehensive:

  • External - to remove the neoplasm itself;
  • Antiviral - destruction of HPV;
  • Immunomodulatory - strengthening immunity.

Let’s start by solving an external problem. To do this, go to the pharmacy.

Papilloma removal agents in a pharmacy

How to understand the variety of drugs presented in the pharmacy network and find a drug that works? Remedies for papillomas in pharmacies can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Cryopreparations;
  • Medicines;
  • Preparations for the removal of papillomas based on medicinal herbs.


These pharmaceutical drugs for papillomas work in the same way as liquid nitrogen used in specialized clinics. They are produced in the form of aerosols. These papilloma medications freeze the neoplasm, tissue necrosis begins, and the accumulation disappears.

These pharmaceutical products include propane and dimethyl ether. An effective remedy for papillomas and small warts. Method of application:

  1. Apply a little medicine to the applicator;
  2. Then apply the applicator to the problem area of the skin for 30 seconds;
  3. We continue to observe the neoplasm. If after two weeks the papilloma has not completely disappeared, the procedure must be repeated.

The maximum number of procedures allowed according to the instructions is not more than three. To avoid burns on healthy parts of the skin, the manufacturer advises that you strictly follow the instructions.

Pharmaceutical herbal papilloma removal drugs

Herbs with burning poisonous properties were known to our grandmothers. They used the plant castor and celandine for papillomas and other neoplasms. Now you don't have to collect grass "on a full moon on a rising moon", you can use celandine from a pharmacy.


Celandine treatment may be the first thing you think of when unpleasant growths are detected on the body. It is easy to find a wart remover that contains this plant in the pharmacy network. The composition of the most famous drug, in addition to the above plant, includes potassium and sodium hydroxide, the action of which is manifested in the appearance of local burns. Method of application: abundantly lubricate the skin near the papilloma with a greasy cream. The fluid is applied directly to the neoplasm using a special spatula that comes with the kit. An unwanted side effect of celandine papilloma removal is the formation of scars on the damaged area of skin. It is quite difficult to assess the effectiveness of this tool because different manufacturers dilute the drug in different ways. The strength of its effect is directly related to the concentration of alkalis in the composition.

Castor oil

Contains castor oil plant. It is used to treat plantar warts. Method of application: evaporate the skin of the feet well, apply the oil on the problem area and cover with a band-aid. After half an hour, remove the plaster and gently scrape off the lumps. Repeat the procedure up to ten times.

The effectiveness of castor oil in treating warts and papillomas is questionable. Instead, its action aims to soften the hardened skin of the feet.

Drops from papillomas

They contain three main ingredients: tea tree oil, salicylic acid and castor oil. These papilloma drops are available in tinted glass bottles. Method of application: drops are applied to the neoplasm, left to dry. Repeat 2-3 times. The effect will appear after 2-3 weeks. Based on the composition of the drug can be judged on its antiseptic, bactericidal and hydrating properties. If it does not solve the problem of neoplasms, it will not harm the body.

Pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of papilloma


This group of drugs for papillomas includes drugs whose action is manifested in the cauterization and mummification of skin cells affected by the virus. They usually contain acids, alkalis and ethanol.

Local necrotizing solution

It contains podophyllotoxin which causes pain at the site of application. The papilloma first turns red, then turns black and dies. It is sold in small tinted bottles. Method of application: within three days, morning and evening, the solution is applied only to the papilloma with a special spatula. It is necessary to be extremely careful not to allow the product to reach healthy areas of the skin. After 4 days the procedure is repeated. According to patient reviews, it is considered the most effective medicine.

Cauterizing cream or ointment

This medicine is intended to fight papillomas and warts. Its action is aimed at destroying the human papilloma virus and developing immunity to this disease. Method of application: the cream is applied in a thin layer twice a day on the neoplasm. It is important to avoid getting the product on healthy areas of the skin as well as the mammary glands and armpits. The duration of treatment is up to four weeks.

Silver nitrate pencil

Finding this safe cure for papillomas at the pharmacy is not difficult. The preparation contains silver nitrate, which has an antiseptic effect. The action of the pen aims to destroy bacteria and burn neoplasms. It is also used to treat wounds, cracks and other skin injuries.

Faced with a cosmetic problem and papilloma removal, you need to understand that the virus itself has not been defeated. The human papilloma virus is very resistant and extremely difficult to treat. To prevent recurrence of the disease in the form of the appearance of new papillomas and warts, complex treatment is required, including the intake of antiviral and immunomodulatory agents.

Antiviral drugs

With their help, HPV activity is reduced. This includes:

  • Drug with inosine - has a milder effect, well tolerated by children and the elderly;
  • Means with luminol sodium salt - can be taken for a long time, suitable for children;
  • A drug that prevents the replication of the virus;
  • A drug that reduces the activity of the virus and stimulates the immune system.

It should be borne in mind that these drugs affect the body as a whole, so it is not recommended to take them without consulting a doctor!

Immunomodulatory agents

They increase the body's resistance and correct the natural immunity. Assign:

  • Drug analogue, natural peptidoglycan - usually taken together with an antiviral drug, produced in tablet form;
  • Preparations with interferons, which have an immunostimulatory effect, are produced in the form of suppositories (vaginal and rectal);
  • A biological product that combines the ability to resist the virus and strengthen the immune system is available as a solution for injection.
  • Herbal immunostimulants - decoctions and tinctures of ginseng, eleutherococcus, echinacea, aralia.

You can try to remove the papilloma that has appeared on the body yourself. The exceptions are neoplasms in visible parts of the body.

You should not fight papillomas on the neck, face and décolleté. When you start home treatment, you should not expect immediate results. This will take time. Failure to follow the instructions for use and precautions for home treatment of papillomas can cause skin burns, scars and scarring.


To avoid complications, entrust papilloma therapy to professionals. See a doctor!

A dermatologist will determine the exact cause of the papilloma and will also tell you how to get rid of it quickly and painlessly.

A dermatologist has successfully treated HPV