How to quickly remove warts at home

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There are various methods to remove warts. These are laser therapy, cryotherapy and much more. But all these methods require large financial costs, so when people discover this education in themselves, they first start to wonder how to remove a wart at home and can it be done at all? You can, but before you do, you need to know what a wart is and what problems home treatment can lead to.

What is a nipple?

A wart (papilloma) is a malignant neoplasm of the skin, which can be of different types - flat, rounded and plantar. He appears for a reason. It is not caused by hormonal changes in the body or any other pathology. Warts occur as a result of damage to the body by the papilloma virus.

You can catch this virus anywhere. To do this, just visit a public place with ulcers, unhealed wounds or cracks on the skin. Through a hole in the skin, the papilloma virus enters the body but does not manifest immediately.

2-3 months the virus lives in the human body, not manifesting itself in any way. And in that period, a person freely visits public places, without even suspecting that he is ill and that he is a carrier of the papilloma virus.

When the virus is activated in the body, the skin begins to deform and seals appear on them, which can differ in color from the color of the skin, rise above it or vice versa, look like a small stain. At the same time, the size of the nipples can also vary, ranging from a few millimeters to 3-5 cm.

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But it should be noted that you can become infected with this pathogen through sexual contact with an infected person. In this case, papillomas form on the genitals, not only externally but also internally. Below we will consider how to remove a wart, but it is worth saying that you can not use all these methods with this manifestation of the disease. This requires qualified professional help and the passage of antiviral therapy.

What are the dangers of removing warts at home?

Before you talk about how to remove a wart at home, it is necessary to say a few words that home treatment can become dangerous for you if you do not know how to properly perform certain procedures or ignore these tips.

Why is it dangerous to remove papillomas at home? First, almost all methods of removing warts require the use of means whose action is aimed at preventing the neoplasm. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, there is a risk of skin burns and scarring.

Second, if you do not follow all the rules for removing warts at home, it is possible for the papilloma virus to spread to other healthy areas of the skin and introduce another infection into the wound, which will worsen the course of the disease.

And, thirdly, despite the fact that the wart is a benign formation, there is a risk of its transformation into a malignant papilloma. Therefore, before you start home treatment for warts, you should consult your doctor.

And most importantly, you can not use alternative medicine, and even more modern drugs to remove warts in children. This can be dangerous to their health!

Alternative medicine

How to remove warts with folk remedies? Different methods can be used for this. We will now consider in more detail the most effective of them. But first I would like to mention that all the means used to remove papillomas can lead to skin burns. To prevent this from happening, before each procedure you need to take an ordinary plaster, cut a hole in it that will fit only the nipple. The patch must be glued to the skin by placing the papilloma in the cut hole. This will prevent skin burns.

Tincture and ointment of garlic and vinegar

The use of this tincture is the most effective way to remove warts. To prepare it, you need to take 4 cloves of garlic, peel them, go through a press or grate on a fine grater. After that, the resulting garlic puree should be poured into ½ cups of apple cider vinegar.

garlic to remove warts

The tool must be kept in a dark place for at least two weeks and then strained. You only need to wipe the nipple with the obtained infusion 2 times a day. The procedures are performed until the neoplasm completely disappears.

From these ingredients you can also prepare an ointment that also effectively removes warts. To prepare it, you need to pass the purified garlic through a press. Its in the amount of 1 tsp. it must be mixed with lard (it must be previously dissolved) in a ratio of 1: 1 and 4 tsp. Vinegar.

How to quickly remove a wart with this ointment? It should be applied to the neoplasm in a thick layer, covered with polyethylene on top and wrapped in a bandage. The dressing should not be removed for 6-8 hours.

Celery juice

Celery juice was also used by our great-grandmothers to treat various skin diseases. Its use can be compared to laser papilloma removal. The effectiveness of the procedure is visible immediately. The wart darkens, dries and reduces in volume.

To perform the treatment at home, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with fresh celandine juice 1-2 times a day. After that you cannot moisten it for 1-2 hours. Such activities should be done regularly until the papilloma disappears.

Wheat flour and vinegar

Is it possible to remove a wart at home in just 2-3 days? Can. And for this it is recommended to use the following tool - cake. It is made from wheat flour, garlic and vinegar essence. Remember, the higher the concentration of vinegar, the more effective the treatment.

The vinegar and garlic passed through the press must be mixed in equal proportions, after which wheat flour must be added to the resulting mixture until an elastic dough is obtained. It should be attached to the papilloma, wrapped in polyethylene and bandaged on top.

You have to walk with the wrap for 2-3 days. After that it must be removed, but this should be done very carefully, because the nipple should be removed together with the cake, and together with the root. The fossa formed at the site of the papilloma must be treated with Vishnevsky's ointment.


Home Remedies for Warts You can use an alcoholic tincture of iodine, which is available in every home. Its use is the safest method of papilloma removal, which can be used even in children.

So, to get rid of warts, it is necessary to lubricate it with iodine 2-3 times a day. Of course, there will be no immediate result. But after 3-5 days, the papilloma will begin to darken and dry out. Such procedures need to be carried out until education disappears on its own.

Salicylic acid

You can remove a wart at home with the help of salicylic acid. It is sold not only as an ointment, but also as a solution. For home procedures you need a solution of salicylic acid.

Before use, the area of skin where the wart is located must be thoroughly steamed. A salicylic acid solution should then be applied to the neoplasm. In order not to get burned, it should be done with a cotton swab. From above, the treated papilloma must be wrapped in a transparent foil and bandage.

The compress should be kept overnight. In the morning, remove the bandage and rinse the treated area with warm water. This procedure must be performed every day until the formation disappears. At the same time, every 2 days, the wart is boringly treated with a float to remove the upper stratum corneum from it.

Lapis cauterization

How to quickly remove warts at home? You can use a wing pencil for this. You can buy it at any pharmacy. However, it should be used very carefully as lapis is a dry silver nitrate that can cause severe burns and scars. Therefore, this method of removing warts on the face is not recommended.

To get rid of papillomas, you just need to treat them with a pencil. On the same day, they will darken and begin to fall off. If the wart has only darkened after the first procedure but has not disappeared, you should repeat the treatment the next day.

Tea tree oil

Yes, this tool does not give as fast results as, for example, a lapis lazuli pencil, but it is completely safe for the soft tissues that surround papillomas. To use tea tree oil, take a small piece of bandage, soak it in oil and apply to the nipple. From above, the bandage can be fixed with a plain band-aid.

Keep the compress on all night and do it every day. The most important thing here is that the oil used is of high quality and free of any impurities.

tea tree oil to remove warts


How to remove warts with folk remedies? To do this, you can use ordinary onions, which are also found in every home. It should be peeled and rolled through a meat grinder, and the resulting onion puree should be applied to the neoplasm, all wrapped in a transparent foil and bandage. With such a wrap you have to walk for 2-3 hours. This should be done every day until the papilloma disappears.

This method of fighting warts is unique in that it can remove not only the formation itself, but also its roots, which prevents the recurrence of papillomas.

It should be noted that traditional medicine is very good in the fight against warts. However, they are not able to eliminate the cause of its appearance - the papilloma virus. Therefore, after some time, neoplasms reappear on the skin.

To get rid of warts once and for all, you need to go through the whole course of antiviral therapy, which includes taking special medications and diet.