Medicines for papillomas and warts

Today there are many drugs against such pathology on the body, to which men and women are exposed: it is easy to confuse which one to choose. Treating human papilloma virus (HPV) is not easy because the infection, which has hundreds of types, is ineradicable. It is important to approach the problem competently, taking into account the characteristics of drugs of different categories.

Treatment of warts and papillomas with drugs

Such formations of viral nature on the face, neck, limbs, genitals can be quickly removed surgically, by laser or by freezing with liquid nitrogen. However, surgical removal of skin pathologies is not always recommended. Then, instead of radical measures, one or another remedy for papillomas and warts is used. Proper use of medication gives very good results.

treatment of papillomas on the arm

You have to understand: if a human papilloma virus infection has entered the body, it is no longer possible to get rid of HPV forever. The most that well-chosen drugs can do is keep microorganisms "in the black body, " stopping their reproduction. As a result of complex treatment, immunity is restored. This is the only way to get rid of the skin manifestations of the infection.

There are many medications in pharmacies to remove warts and papillomas at different prices. Two groups of drugs are needed, which basically differ in their action. Topical (external) drugs are applied to the growth tissue: the altered cells die and fall off. Systemic drugs (tablets, capsules) inhibit papilloma viruses from within. It is better to treat HPV in a comprehensive way, combining drugs of both categories: this is the most reliable option.

A simple and affordable remedy for warts in the pharmacy, as well as papillomas, corns, you can buy without a prescription. Buy funds from this list:

  • salicylic acid (alcohol);
  • iodine tincture;
  • pencil;
  • castor oil (for warts);
  • sticky patch to remove corns;
  • ammonia;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • tea tree essential oil.

Among the effective systemic drugs are antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

External remedy for papillomas and warts

These types of medications are often used:

  • cream for warts and papillomas;
  • fat;
  • liniment;
  • spray;
  • applicator;
  • solution;
  • gel;
  • celandine juice and others.
juice of the celandine plant from the papilloma

Ointment for warts and papillomas

Why are drugs of this form valuable? Ointments against papillomas, genital warts, warts, keratomas are minimally toxic in maximum therapeutic doses. The growths, if smeared with these agents, which actively affect the pathological cells of the skin, disappear. You can reduce them if you buy one of these medicines:

  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • Salicylic ointment and others.


It is a long-standing silver nitrate product that is available in pharmacies at an affordable price. The nipple and papilloma removal pen is easy to use and works quickly. Lapis has a cauterizing, antibacterial and necrotic effect. Only they must carefully handle the neoplasms, without touching the adjacent parts of the body, otherwise healthy skin will turn black. The pen can cause burns and scars. It is especially dangerous to remove growths on the face, neck, genitals.

Fluid to remove papillomas and warts

Chemically aggressive solutions destroy tissue formations. They are applied in very limited quantities. Solutions, aerosols, drops from papillomas and warts:

  • concentrated alkalis;
  • salicylic alcohol and others.

An immunostimulatory drug for human papilloma virus infection

If the HPV disease is serious, it gives frequent relapses, it indicates a weak defense of the organism. In this case, medications must be prescribed to strengthen them. Among the drugs for papillomas and warts in complex treatment, doctors include immunomodulators.

Tablets for warts and papillomas

Preparations that block the multiplication of HPV and destroy diseased cells are considered effective drugs. In addition to the antiviral effect, the pills strengthen the immune system. The course of treatment is 2-4 weeks. These medications for papillomas and warts with warts are often prescribed after surgery for greater effectiveness.

papilloma treatment pills

Treatment of HPV with homeopathy

Many medicines that contain natural ingredients are also immunomodulators. Such drugs are particularly effective in the complex treatment of papilloma virus. These are well-known tinctures of ginseng, lemongrass, echinacea, aralia. A valuable homeopathic remedy is a cream containing mummy, acids and extracts of Altai herbs. In addition, preparations of thuja and others are effective.

An herbal remedy for papillomas and warts

Such agents are also sought after because they are softer than, for example, concentrated acids or alkalis. To:

  • licorice extract gel;
  • a solution containing an extract of the medicinal plant podophyllum thyroid;
  • very effective suppositories, gel, spray, solution for injection, raw material for production are young potato tops.

How to choose a remedy for papillomas on the body

It is most reasonable to use a dermatologist's prescription. If neoplasms caused by the papilloma virus appear in intimate places, a woman should visit a gynecologist, and a man - an andrologist. Although there are many medications in pharmacies that allow you to remove skin damage at home on your own, it is not worth the risk. Consequently:

  • Papillomas (especially those that look like moles) can be cancerous.
  • Due to poorly selected medications or unfinished treatment, growths on the skin reappear in the same places.

Which papilloma and wart medications will give the best effect? The pharmacy should not be guided only by the price of the drug - the high price of the drug does not guarantee the achievement of a therapeutic effect. You must read the instructions for information on contraindications and side effects of the drug very carefully. It is especially important to study them if the growths have formed on the face, neck, genitals. When choosing medications yourself, you need to buy such medications with which you can achieve two main goals:

  1. Remove skin damage.
  2. Strengthen immunity to rule out disease recurrence.