How to get rid of warts on the legs - an effective treatment

cutting the wart on the leg

Why do warts form on the legs? What measures can you take to get rid of them once and for all? Warts are of viral origin, affect different parts of the body, cause discomfort and are painful in nature.

How to remove this problem from the body, is it possible to do it without visiting a specialist? It turns out that warts can appear in any of us at any age, but the reasons for their appearance are very different.

Why do warts form on the legs?

Outgrowths occur as soon as the papilloma virus appears in the body, such a disease is rarely observed in adults. What causes warts on the legs? Factors can be the following:

  • microcracks and scratches;
  • dry feet;
  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • weak immune system.

You can get infected with the virus in public places, when you use other people's personal hygiene items. If you skip the primary stage of infection, then the healing process can be complicated: as soon as one growth is eliminated, several will appear instead, with an increased diameter.

What does a wart look like on your leg?

It is impossible to confuse warts with other growths, they are rounded skin protrusions, their size is 3-4 mm in width and 1-2 in height. Warts on the legs bring discomfort and pain to their owner.

Warts appear on the soles, over time they begin to expand and increase in diameter. And it also spreads all over the body, infecting other people.

Warts on the soles can itch, and if this is done, the risk of wound suppuration increases, growths can lead to malignant tumors, fatally deteriorating human health. What to do, how to get rid of warts on your legs once and for all?

wart on toe

Wart treatment

Before you figure out how to remove warts on your leg, you need to understand the common types of such skin disorders. Types of warts on the legs:

  1. Simple, up to 10 mm, round, yellow, limited, easy to treat.
  2. Plantar warts on the feet - appear in those places where the shoes strongly compress one or the other part of the foot, over time the papule increases in size, turning into a painful disease.
  3. Straight - smooth nipples, no larger than 5 mm, flesh color.
  4. The wart between the toes - grows quickly, their constant friction will bring pain to the patient.

Should nipples be removed? How to do it right?

There are several methods used in medicine to remove growths, and several cosmetic procedures will be needed to remove papilloma warts on the feet:

  • electrocoagulation - with the help of steel wires, clumps are removed, the procedure is painful and therefore requires taking painkillers;
  • laser coagulation - how to quickly and effectively remove a wart on the leg, but you must know that the procedure is very painful, so local anesthesia will be needed;
  • cryodestruction - freezing with liquid nitrogen, while the nipple becomes thicker and disappears after a short time;
  • surgery, when the warts on the soles of the feet are large, the incision site is sutured, leaving a small scar;
  • chemical removal - growths are cauterized in different ways, as a result, the wart is burned.

How to cure a wart on the leg with conservative methods?

If a wart on your foot hurts and brings significant discomfort, then you need to urgently decide on a foot treatment. You can remove warts with special drugs sold at the pharmacy.

All cauterization fluids from warts on the feet are abundantly applied to the affected area, it is important to avoid healthy tissue. After that, the formations become colorless, darken and peel off. In this case, you must be careful not to get burns on the skin.

How to treat warts on the legs in traditional medicine?

How to safely treat warts on the legs at home? Various traditional medicines help well:

  • raw onion must be soaked in vinegar for 2 hours, applied to the nipples, repeat until the papilloma disappears;
  • chop a clove of garlic and pour boiling water, an hour after insisting lubricate the nipple;
  • if there is a large wart on the leg, then it can be removed with celandine juice, every day, several times, lubricate the papilloma with juice from the stem of a fresh plant until the growth is completely dead;
  • fresh sour apple juice also removes warts, lubricate regularly, after each drying of the previous layer, until it is completely eliminated;
  • treatment of warts on the legs is often carried out by moxibustion, take a wooden spoon and support its long end over the fire, and then burn the papilla, after two or three approaches the warts will disappear completely;
  • you can pipette on the damaged area with acetic acid, most effectively before bedtime;
  • in case of large accumulations on the heels: make a porridge from flour and vinegar, put the papilla in place, and stick it on top with an adhesive plaster, so that it stays for 48 hours, then repeat the procedure.
ointment for warts on the legs

To get homemade wart ointment, you need to mix 2 tbsp. l. watercress juice and 50 g butter. When a homogeneous mass is obtained, it is necessary to apply to the damaged area with massaging movements.

Witch conspiracies

Here's how to get rid of warts on your feet, you can use traditional and non-traditional methods, some people even resort to conspiracies and perform unusual rituals after which papillomas disappear.

They say that you can tie a knot of soft thread over the nipple, and then throw it in the manure, over the head and the papilla will disappear in a few days. Is that so and where to look for manure in the city?

How effective it is, we do not judge, but those who believe in it. If none of the above helped you, then you should definitely seek qualified help and undergo an appropriate examination.

Conclusion and recommendations

Now you know how to get rid of warts on the foot in various ways. You need to be aware that the stimulus for the appearance of papillomas can be various reasons, as well as violation of skin hygiene and the usual irritation, abrasion.

It is important to remember one thing - it is strictly forbidden to remove and cut the warts yourself, not only can you introduce an infection into the wound, but also cause worsening of health, if it turns out that the wart is not a simple growth, but a malignant tumor.

Treatment of warts on the soles should be carried out carefully, it is recommended to carry out all procedures according to folk recipes under the supervision of a specialist, and if complications or allergic reactions occur, discontinue treatment.

If you know the cause of warts on your feet, you must first remove it, and only then begin a comprehensive improvement of the skin. Take care of your health and be in a great mood!