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  • The path of human papilloma virus infection. HPV types. Papillomas on the skin of the body and in the larynx. Baby nipples. Removal of neoplasms.
    18 March 2022
  • The main reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the body, the main methods of treatment and removal of formations.
    8 January 2022
  • Papilloma removal at home is always important, because in a state of chronic stress, a modern person encounters this quite often. Methods and means for removing formations are collected in the article.
    12 December 2021
  • Mechanism and causes of papillomas on the body. Features of manifestation in men and women, prevention of occurrence.
    17 October 2021
  • Effective ointments for papillomas: types of drugs, principle of action and features of application. Homemade fat recipes. Useful skin care tips after lesion removal.
    4 December 2020