Papillomas on the body - causes, methods of treatment and how to stop growth

When warts like warts appear on the trunk, limbs or face, it is always an unpleasant surprise for a person. These are benign formations on the skin, which can be multiple or single. Papillomas on the body, unfortunately, are a very common disease that develops due to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV), but its treatment in modern conditions is not a problem.

What are papillomas on the body

Papilloma virus is a benign tumor that grows from squamous epithelial tissue. It appears as a drop or papilla on the skin, mucous membranes and can affect a person’s internal organs. There are more than 30 types and subtypes of HPV that can easily enter the human body. Depending on the type of pathogen, different groups of papillomas form on the body. They differ in growth rate, appearance, location.

Papilloma virus can be detected anywhere on the body:

  • natural folds: groin, armpits, mammary glands, lower abdomen;
  • face: eyelids, near eyes, near mouth;
  • torso: back, abdomen, neck, hands, feet;
  • genitals: vagina, penis area;
  • internal organs: intestines, stomach, bladder, esophagus, larynx, trachea.

What a papilloma looks like

reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the human body

HPV may look different from the outside. As a rule, these are oval growths on the body or rounded growths on the skin that look like papillae.

They can be small (1-5 mm), medium (1 cm), large (1-3 cm) and giant (over 3 cm) in size. The texture of the papules is relatively loose and soft. The facades of blood vessels are often visible on the surface.

The color is mostly body and all kinds of brown. There are cases when papillomas had a blue, purple, and even black-black shade.

Why do papillomas appear

These growths on the body are viral in nature. The infection is transmitted by contact with a healthy person. Both men and women are equally susceptible to infection, but the virus affects them differently. The weaker sex may feel burning and itching in the genital area, bleeding and other external secretions from the vagina. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by syphilis, chlamydia, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Men are not afraid of certain types of viruses that are dangerous to women (16, 18). However, the stronger sex is a carrier of infections. As for papillomas on the genitals, frenulum and glans penis or in the urethra, these are painless benign neoplasms of types 6 and 11 that must be removed. Penile cancer is very rare.

Infection methods

The infection is especially active in gyms, swimming pools, saunas, baths. Other reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the body are sexual intercourse, childbirth (from mother to child).

Here are some more ways to get human papillomavirus:

  • when kissing, because the virus is contained in saliva;
  • when using personal items of infected people;
  • in case of insufficient processing of medical instruments.


The number of types of tumors on the body is estimated at dozens, so doctors divided them into 5 groups combining them by color, symptoms and risk of malignant degeneration of skin cells:

types of papillomas in humans
  1. Simple papillomas.They are also called vulgar warts. It has the widest prevalence. The first sign of HPV is a small growth on the skin. In the process of development, it turns into a dark keratinized tubercle. It is localized both in groups and individually. Favorite places of localization are the hands, the lower part of the face.
  2. Flat papillomas.A characteristic feature is a group cluster of growths. Flat papillomas do not have a protrusion, but are colored dark. The main site of distribution is the upper body, the genital area.
  3. Genital warts.The location is the mucous membranes of the body and genitals. These strains are at risk for cancer. The main cause of genital warts is sexual intercourse.
  4. Filiform papillomas.In the scientific world, they are called "accordes". A characteristic feature of this species is the foot that supports the mole. Accords are a senile growth because they mostly appear on the bodies of middle-aged and older people.
  5. Internal papillomas.This subgroup includes all neoplasms that develop on internal organs. It is impossible to independently identify genital warts of this group, which requires special diagnosis. The presence of disease can give symptoms.

Danger of viruses

Human papillomavirus infection is generally not a major health hazard. However, some species are capable of degenerating into a malignant tumor. Non-oncogenic papillomas can also create a lot of discomfort if they start to grow, for example, on the back, in the mouth or in the groin area. They are often injured, after which ulcers and wounds remain on the body open to infections. Bladder condyloma often causes an inflammatory process, and growths in the uterine cavity sometimes lead to female infertility.


If you notice a papilloma on your body, you should consult a dermatologist. After the initial examination, the doctor will send the patient for a cytological examination and blood test (tumor markers, HPV, DNA). This is necessary for determining pathological processes and determining the type of viral infection in relation to the oncogenic risk. If a cervical tumor occurs, a colposcopy is needed.

How to get rid of papillomas on the body

There are many methods to treat growths. It is better to stop the growth of papillomas on the body during complex therapy. It is impossible to completely eliminate the human papilloma virus from the body, but it is possible to reduce its activity for a long time by increasing immunity. Papule proliferation is treated with surgical and therapeutic methods. Folk recipes also help during HPV infection.

How to get rid of HPV medication

When HPV first appears, doctors prescribe medication to reduce the chances of infecting others. Various drugs are used to fight viral infections in gynecology and dermatology.

Laser removal

Often people resort to surgical removal of growths if they look unsightly or cause discomfort, for example if they are located in intimate places, in the neck area or natural folds of the skin. Laser papilloma removal takes a few minutes. Its essence lies in the use of a device that burns the neoplasm. It does not come into contact with the skin, which guarantees high safety of the procedure. The advantages of the technique include the absence of blood loss, painlessness and quick recovery.

Disadvantages of laser treatment:

  • high price;
  • inability to study remote growth.

Liquid nitrogen

Removal of neoplasms with liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction) is no less effective. Although the procedure is simple, it requires preparation: thoroughly wash the areas of skin that will be frozen, wipe the hair, if any. To apply nitrogen, the expert uses a metal swab with a cotton tip that is dipped in a container with a clear liquid. After that, contact with the papilloma occurs within 1-5 seconds. Recovery takes place within 2-3 days. The advantages of the procedure are simplicity and speed of the procedure, high efficiency.

Method disadvantages:

  • probability of damage to surrounding tissues;
  • pain during conduction;
  • failure to remove large growths,

Treatment of papillomas by radio wave method

The essence of the technique is to influence the creation of high-frequency radio waves that are completely harmless to health. To remove the papilla, the doctor fixes the air for a few seconds at the problem point. After the procedure, drug therapy was prescribed. The advantage of the radio wave method lies in its versatility - different types of warts, moles, papillomas on any part of the skin easily disappear. It can be used even for difficult areas like the area around the eyes. There are no scars after the procedure.

Method disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • is ​​not effective for removing large growths.


how to get rid of papillomas on the body

A therapeutic procedure in which benign growths are removed with a precisely coordinated electric current. Electrocoagulation is performed by an apparatus having a loop and an electrode, which are heated to high temperatures. The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. Children are removed under general anesthesia. After the tumor burns, the skin is treated with an antiseptic. The procedure takes 5-10 minutes.

Advantages of the method include safety and efficiency of skin disease removal, prevention of probability of infection, possibility of histology.

Against electrocautery:

  • risk of residual scars;
  • relative morbidity;
  • long recovery period (up to 10 days);
  • recurrences are possible at the site of removal.

How to remove moles and papillomas folk remedies

According to reviews of patients who have been carriers of HPV, the use of alternative prescriptions after drug therapy and / or any removal methods helps to remove the virus faster.

At home, in the case of external manifestations of papillomas, the following methods are effective:

  1. Celandine.It is necessary to lubricate the skin with freshly squeezed vegetable juice several times a day.
  2. Banana.To speed up the therapy, it is necessary to apply fruit pulp to the neoplasms. Banana is especially effective for small plantar warts.


The following preventative measures to prevent recurrence are shown:

  • for periodic HPV examinations;
  • avoid casual sexual contact;
  • maintain immunity: eat properly, temperament;
  • control the growth and change in shape of untreated papillomas;
  • Vaccine
  • with 2% serum (three times within six months).