Remedy for neck papillomas: efficacy and side effects

The medicine for neck papillomas has an antiviral and immunostimulating effect, allowing you to suppress HPV activity. There are many different medications that can effectively fight the disease. All of them help reduce the activity of the virus, but do not contribute to the complete removal of papillomas, which requires minimally invasive surgery.

Why do papillomas appear on the neck?

The neck is in close contact with the collar of the garment. With active sweating, moisture appears, which is the optimal condition for the development of papillomas. The virus provokes their appearance, which enters the body from the outside and accumulates in the epithelial cells.

Another prerequisite for the development of the disease is reduced immunity. Only in the presence of pathologically low immune responses is the virus able to actively reproduce and affect the skin of the neck. The size of the tumors and their number depend entirely on how many viral cells are present in the body.

What do they look like?

Cervical papillomatosis can have several forms of warts:

  1. Spiky- have one common base and many papillae on the edge. Soft and supple, with a fleshy tone. Most susceptible to injury.
  2. Straight- Looks like a slightly rounded spot of pale brown color. External manifestations are similar to a mole.
  3. Filiform- single papillomas that look like thin threads 2-3 cm high. Trauma causes pain. Infection is possible at the site of the wound.

Papillomas are often confused with moles, but have nothing in common. Papillomatosis is caused by a virus, so it is impossible to solve it just by removing the tumor. A complex treatment is needed, which is performed in stages.

Medications to treat neck papillomas

The main task of drug therapy is a comprehensive effect on viral cells, which is achieved by taking antiviral and immunomodulatory agents. Treatment should be chosen by a physician taking into account individual body characteristics and the type of HPV.


Antiviral drugs affect the cells of the virus, causing them to be destroyed and destroyed. They are prescribed in the case when the papillomatosis has a neglected form, and there are more than 10-15 neoplasms on the neck.

Immunostimulants help the immune system to "wake up" by affecting the synthesis of immune cells. They are prescribed by a doctor based on the results of immunograms.

The duration of treatment depends entirely on the degree of damage to the skin of the neck and the level of the virus in the blood. The choice of this or that drug is determined only by the doctor. Self-medication can be ineffective and dangerous to health, especially if you have a chronic illness.


A remedy for papillomas on the neck for topical application, allows you to act on the accumulation of viral cells, destroying them. With proper treatment, papillomas shrink and disappear completely if they are in the initial stages.

Apply the ointment exactly with a cotton swab or ear stick. Severe itching, redness of the neck and the appearance of spots are the reason for withdrawal of medication and revision of treatment.


Creams have a similar effect on papillomas, but differ in persistence and ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, neutralizing not only the outer part of the papilloma, but also its root.

Pharmaceuticals for neck papillomas should be used with great caution, as they can affect not only the papilloma itself, but also healthy areas of the skin.

Hardware methods of treating papillomas

Papilloma consists of altered and viral epithelial cells that must be removed.

Modern hardware methods are used for this:

  1. Radio wave therapy- the most painless and most effective method of removing the tumor, after which no scars and scars are formed.
  2. Cryodestruction- freezing of the nipple, in which the virus completely dies.
  3. Electrocoagulation- burning of papillomas with the help of electricity, after which a wound is formed.
  4. Laser removal- prescribed for deep skin lesions. The procedure is extremely painful and therefore requires local anesthesia.

The best treatment for neck papillomas is to remove radio waves. Prior to the procedure, a course of antiviral and immunostimulatory drugs that reduce the activity of the virus is prescribed.

Surgical removal

Excision of the papilloma of the neck is not used in the practice of treating papillomatosis. This is due to the following factors:

  1. Low efficiency of the procedure - only the surface part of the neoplasm is removed, and the root remains in place.
  2. High risk of injury - there are vessels and capillaries in the neck. If they are damaged, bleeding cannot be avoided.
  3. Probability of recurrence - new warts appear at the site of the excised papilloma after a certain time.

The doctor himself prescribes a certain procedure based on the diagnostic results. Superficial flat papillomas are best removed by cryodestruction, while pointed root neoplasms require a deeper impact that is in the power of the laser.

Folk remedies

It is strictly forbidden to use prescriptions of alternative medicine without consulting an expert and undergoing a comprehensive diagnosis. Some papillomas are triggered by a virus with high oncogenicity, so any manipulation and destruction of the tumor can serve as a trigger for the development of cancer.

Sometimes the only way out is folk remedies for papillomas on the neck, because traditional medicines have a detrimental effect on the liver and digestive tract. But they should be used with extreme caution.

In case there are several papillomas on the skin of the neck, they are small in size, the doctor may recommend a home treatment based on the use of improvised means.

folk remedies for papillomas

The most effective are:

  1. Celandine juice- apply fresh juice from the trunk of the plant on the papilla, after which it becomes smaller. The procedure is painful, but very effective.
  2. Garlic Cream- Take 1 clove of garlic and chop it into mashed potatoes, then add to a tablespoon of baby cream. Apply to the papilloma in a thick layer.
  3. Walnut and kerosene tincture- take 5 tablespoons of refined kerosene for a handful of green walnuts. All ingredients are mixed into a homogeneous mass and left to cook for 7-10 days in the refrigerator. Apply in a thin layer for 3-4 hours, then wash the skin with warm water and soap.

Some recipes can cause rapid deterioration and active growth of papillomas on the neck. This requires constant monitoring by a doctor. Folk remedies for papillomas on the neck help reduce the manifestation of the virus, but they are not able to completely fight it.

Herbal teas are used to strengthen the immune system, which include plants that have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties: chamomile, sage, mint, uterus, coltsfoot, nettle, burdock.

The entire self-medication procedure must be supervised by a physician. The greatest efficiency of therapy is achieved when folk recipes support antiviral drugs and immunomodulators. In case of development of side effects, it is necessary to return to traditional treatment.


It is impossible to fully protect against HPV because the virus can wait anywhere. However, there are a number of guidelines that can help reduce the chance of infection:

  1. Avoid contact with a sick person and never use their household items.
  2. Limit visits to saunas and swimming pools, where the probability of infection is extremely high.
  3. Have a regular sexual partner, use barrier contraception.
  4. Follow the rules of personal hygiene, do not give anyone personal items and clothes.
  5. Strengthen your immunity with a proper diet and active lifestyle.
  6. Give up bad habits in favor of a healthy lifestyle.

If a person has a strong immunity, the body will be able to overcome the virus after infection, preventing its accumulation and manifestation in the form of papillomas.