How to get rid of warts

Warts are harmless neoplasms that appear as a result of human papilloma virus infection. Today we will talk about how to get rid of warts in a variety of ways, including home and medical.

More than a hundred types of the virus have already been described, there are no age or sexual barriers for it, so warts appear on the bodies of men and women. Let’s look at what ways of infection and treatment methods exist.

Why warts appear

Cause of warts

Cause of warts- human papilloma virus infection. The most common route of infection is micro damage to the skin, after which the growth of the upper layer of the epidermis, which creates a wart, is activated. The growths are painless, but from a psychological point of view, warts are an unpleasant phenomenon, because the formations on the face, fingers and other visible parts of the body disfigure the appearance.

HPV infectionis ​​a human papilloma virus that infects men and women. Some types of papillomavirus (16 and 18) can cause cancer cells to grow, and they are classified as at risk. Viruses of this group are transmitted through sexual contact. The majority of the virus is 90% safe, a strong immune system is able to fight the infection. In this case, information about medical and hardware methods for removing warts will become irrelevant.

How is HPV transmitted?The mechanism of infection with the virus is as follows - the infection enters the organs through the mucous membranes, lesions on the skin, and then migrates to the nervous tissue. Once infected, a person remains infected forever. Doctors associate changes in the condition of the epithelium with the condition of the nervous system - emotional shock, stressful situation and affected areas appear on the body. Many patients do not suspect that they are ill, because the infection can "take a nap" and wait for a favorable circumstance to appear.

The virus infects many patients, but not all have warts. There are risk factors:

  • Direct contact with an infected person - sexual intercourse, kissing, shaking hands;
  • Contact with infected objects;
  • Mechanical damage to the epithelium;
  • Weakened immunity.

How not to get HPV?No special preventive measures are foreseen. To reduce the chances of infection, it is important to follow medical guidelines:

  • Avoid contact with infected people;
  • Provide regular, comprehensive skin care;
  • Maintain immunity.

Some countries have approved a vaccine against the most dangerous human papilloma viruses - 16 and 18. Today, this is the best way to get rid of warts and protect the body from infections.

What are the types of formations

According to statistics, 85% of the total population is infected with HPV, but 60% of patients are not even aware of the problem because they do not feel any symptoms. If an infection occurs, the wart will appear when the incubation period has passed.

Types of warts

Common (vulgar) warts:

  • General information. 65% of warts are common or vulgar warts. They appear exclusively on the body of a child of primary school age;
  • Location localization. On any site, but more often on hand;
  • Shape and dimensions. Reminiscent of a dome, size from 0. 5 ml to 1. 5 cm;
  • Structure and color. Reminiscent of tough, keratinized skin, the surface is covered with fringes.

To get rid of warts, it is necessary to remove the largest wart - the mother's, after which the smaller formations disappear on their own.

Straight nipples (or juveniles):

  • General information. They appear up to 25 years;
  • Location localization. They appear on the legs, arms, and face;
  • Shape and dimensions. Papules up to 5 mm in diameter;
  • Structure and color. The surface is smooth or scaly, resembling knots of fleshy color.

Rarely appear on the glans penis.

Plantar and palmar warts (horny warts):

  • General information. This type of growth is a type of common warts, characterized by increased sensitivity in gait. In appearance, the growths are no different from corns. Formations appear in areas of frequent friction of the soles and palms;
  • Location localization. Soles and palms;
  • Shape and dimensions. Palmar and plantar warts - creating a round shape with a diameter of not more than 1, 5 cm;
  • Structure and color. The formations are hard to the touch, dark in color.

If you prefer to wear tight synthetic shoes and often do hard handwork, you will probably soon have to find a way to get rid of warts.

Filiform nipples (chords):

  • General information. If the growths are damaged, the formation becomes inflamed and increases in size;
  • Location localization. Formations affect the face, areas under the breast, armpits;
  • Shape and dimensions. They look like a bundle of threads (5-6 pieces), the diameter of the nipple is 1 to 3 cm;
  • Meat color education.

Genital warts or condyloma:

  • General information. Warts appear on the body of adult patients and children and can grow into large colonies;
  • Location localization. In children they appear in the nasolabial folds, in adults the genitals, areas under the mammary glands, armpits are affected. In rare cases, they appear in the throat after oral intercourse;
  • Shape and dimensions. Due to its unusual shape, it is compared to a comb and a rooster. Genital warts are small and not subject to visual diagnosis;
  • Color. Pale pink in color, if rubbed, they become dark red and bleed.
Dislocation of the nipples

This type of wart spreads during intimacy, causing bleeding and uncomfortable discomfort.

How to solve the problem

If you find changes in your skin, don't rush to get rid of warts. It is likely that after a few months the skin condition will return to normal. The main goal of removing the growth is to remove it so that no scar appears, so it is necessary to choose the method of removing the tumor with great care. Facial skin damage in the genital area is best treated under the supervision of a doctor.

Folk remedies

Essential oils.Treat the affected areas daily with a mixture of pine and lemon oil.

  1. Apply a mixture of patchouli oil and hyssop to the bactericidal patch; change the label every day.
  2. Eucalyptus and thyme oil are mixed in equal parts, the mixture is applied to the damaged areas twice a day. Essential oils of chamomile, citrus or lavender are used to strengthen the immune system.

Medicinal herbs.Kalanchoe and aloe leaves help get rid of warts at home. The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. To soften the formation, place a towel moistened with a soda solution on the affected area for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Then the leaf of the medicinal plant is applied, which has previously been cleaned to a pulp and fixed with a bandage. The procedure lasts from 3 to 7 hours, the full course is 7-10 sessions.

Celandine for warts.The most popular way to combat formations, because the plant has a strong antibacterial effect.

  1. Affected areas are treated with celandine juice twice a day.
  2. The minimum course is two weeks, with massive epithelial lesions this can take up to two months.
  3. If the plant is impossible to find, you can buy a pharmaceutical preparation based on celandine.

Conspiracy.Another way to get rid of warts. To perform the ceremony, you will need a red thread 30 cm long made of a natural material, such as cotton.

  1. When the new moon appears in the sky, go outside, touch the thread on the growths and tie a knot on it.
  2. When you tie the thread, say the text: "Moon, new moon, take this disease with you. "
  3. Then the thread is buried in the ground.

Skin diseases are a symptom of pathological internal processes, so do not limit yourself to folk recipes, it is advisable to consult a doctor, find out the cause of the disease and undergo treatment for warts.

Pharmacy products

Nipple removal preparations are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, it is difficult to choose the best medicine, everything is determined by the individual characteristics of the patient. It is best to leave the choice of the most effective medicine to your doctor. According to the mode of action, pharmaceutical products are presented in three groups:

  • For cryotherapy;
  • Necrotizing procedure;
  • Keratolics;

If necessary, the course of therapy is supplemented with antiviral agents and immunomodulators.

Laser removal

Doctors in many countries recommend removing warts using this technique, and this method has been recognized as the most effective for removing:

  • Sole weight;
  • Common warts;
  • Flat neoplasms.

The physician must inform the patient of any contraindications.

Laser exposure characteristics:

  • Laser beam does not leave scars, does not cause inflammatory reactions;
  • Under the influence of extreme temperatures in the affected area, the pathogenic microflora decays;
  • No skin contact during the procedure, this excludes the possibility of further skin damage;
  • The specialist controls the parameters of the laser beam - the strength and degree of exposure, so that the patient does not feel discomfort, no complications occur;
  • In 2 weeks the skin is completely renewed - dry crust appears, after 10-14 days it disappears on its own, young, healthy epithelium appears under it.

Dark bark should not be torn off, solarium and swimming pool should not be visited, disinfectants should be used for treatment.

Liquid nitrogen removal

Another popular wart removal technique. The procedure uses a wooden stick with a soft cotton swab or a special cryoapplicator - a test tube with a container in which the active substance is placed. At the first visit to the specialist, possible contraindications are identified. The safest way to cauterize warts has been selected:

Liquid nitrogen removal
  • Soft - activates local immunity;
  • Aggressive - a blister forms under the skin, cut off by a hardware method along with the neoplasm.

Process characteristics:

  1. Pathogenic cells die under the influence of low temperature (-196 degrees), which results in skin inflammation and activation of immune processes.
  2. The applicator is applied to the skin by force for 40-60 seconds, during which time the substance evaporates.
  3. To get rid of warts, the specialist grabs the skin surface by 1 ml more than the growth.
  4. After the procedure, the tumor becomes white, a blister appears which turns into a crust after 2-3 days and disappears on its own.

Complete removal of growths with cryotherapy is performed in 2-3 sessions with a break of one week.

Electrocoagulation Removal

This is a powerful technique that cleanses the skin anywhere on the body except the heel. The procedure is performed using an electrocoagulator. Removal of neoplasms occurs due to exposure to the affected areas of high frequency current.

Process characteristics:

  • You can cleanse your skin in one session;
  • The duration of the procedure is up to one minute;
  • Anesthetics must be used;
  • Cauterization of blood vessels occurs, thus preventing bleeding;
  • Recovery period - 10 days;
  • After the procedure, the affected area is treated with antiseptic drugs;
  • No scars left.

The main advantage of electrocautery is the prevention of new lesions. In some cases, the patient feels itching and burning, but the discomfort quickly disappears.

Wart Prevention

Epithelial lesions are a symptom, not a cause. If you act only on the consequences, the risk of recurrence is high, so it is important to strengthen the immune system so that in extreme situations the body can resist the infection. Now you know how to get rid of warts on various parts of the body and cleanse the skin forever.